Benefits of CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3

CSS3 is the current edition of CSS. With this new advancement many new features were added.(some long-awaited features) These features will be our main focus for today.

My favorite new feature that was implemented is rounded-corners.

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More features were added than just rounded-corners. These features include but are not limited to, shadows, gradients, transitions/animations, multi-column layouts and grid layouts.

We will only cover a few of these new features for today. Let's get started with the shadows feature. It can be called one of two ways: one of the ways istext-shadow and the other way is box-shadow. And what this two pieces of code do is what name implies. You would use box-shadow for things like images/videos or even use it for the container. To see what this looks like from a professional standpoint check out this blog. Next we'll talk about gradients. Gradients can be called on of four ways. linear-gradient, radial-gradient, repeating-linear-gradient, and last but not least repeating-radial-gradient. Linear gradients are multi-directional however, radial gradients are defined by their center. Radial gradients are multi-directional but they have a start-point depending on where you put the gradient will usually be center of the page. Next we will discuss multi-column layout. Unfortunately, multi-column layouts have multiple ways that you can implement them into your website and we will only be focusing on column-count for today. Column count simply allows you to implement the amount of columns that you want to have on your website. However, you can change many things with the use of column count and bonus features.(great thing about CSS3, IMO) You can go as far as changing the width and height of the columns. You can even change the gap in between columns.

In Summary

Many features were added to CSS3. We, the developers, have waited long enough and our prayers were answered. The amount of creativity that we can apply to our web-pages/websites is astonishing. When I started playing around with HTML4, CSS2, and even Java(for fun) back in 2010 I would have never expected that CSS3 would be updated to this capacity. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful morning/day/night wherever you are!